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Tabo Logo.png

tabo - Tiles&BathroomsOnline (New Logo/rebranding)

The brief here was to create a new logo/identity for 'Tile & Bathrooms Online'. The new logo will be used on website, social media and for the physical store in Milton Keynes. The only stipulation was to keep the colours from the old logo. The new logo has 2 water drop elements that I designed to symbolise the kitchen and bathroom parts of the store and when set into the 't' of taco, also creates a grout line for the tile retail element. 

4X4 Works (Ongoing multiple design projects inc t-shirt design, merch, and leaflets)

4X4 Works is a long established online store for all things 4wd and truck related. They approached me to create some merch for them to you as customer incentives. First of which was a car air-freshener, leading to more work with t-shirts. I am currently working on a new leaflet and other promotional elements. 


Melanie Bowler Jewellery. (Branding Assignment) 

Originally starting with a new logo, it was very apparent with Melanie's ideas for her business 'refresh' and developments she would benefit from a complete rebrand; from the new logo to promotional stationary, stickers and new shop signage, using specific colours and themes. 

We continue to work together as Melanie's business grows . 

Maboo Hair (Logo & Business/Appointment Cards).

Sarah requested a logo and business/appointment card for her salon. This brief was interesting in that the font already existed in the salon name signage. So, to continue with the brand I used it in to the logo. Fortuitous that the 'bauhaus' resembles a hair curl, which I used to my advantage. 

This brief was a bit of fun! Here I'm attempting to create a logo/brand for a fictional character from one of my favourite movies, Gremlins. 

Supporting local arts initiatives

These are some examples of work I have been volunteering to support the Ashburton Arts Centre, creating designs for print and social media outlets. 

Ashjam Jun 24_edited.jpg
Klezmer Poster 2024_edited.jpg
The Club Window Mockup_edited.jpg

Chudleigh Constitutional Club (Logo/Signage)

In this brief I had the opportunity to create a new logo for the Chudleigh Constitutional Club, who were in the midst of updating and refreshing the look of the venue. This bring a modern but classic feel to the club. 

Another of my favourite movies from the 80's, my self-brief here was to faithfully recreate, as closely as possible, the logo and imagery used for McMillan Toys as seen in the movie. 

Mac Toys Mock Up.png

Chud Fridge (Logo/Signage)

This was a local community project to support food waste reduction in Chudleigh. I was tasked with creating a logo that could be used on stationery and also could be used as large signage, that could be seen from a distance (as seen in this image). Originally it was to be called 'Chudleigh Community Fridge', which I thought was too long so presented my designs as 'CHUD Fridge' which was very well received. 

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