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Album ART

Like most designers of my generation one of the reasons I do this started with my love of album covers... LPs, Singles, CDs, even Cassettes. Being an avid music listener, Vinyl collector and graphic designer, there's nothing better than being able to fuse it all together. There's not always the work or opportunity to do this, so sometimes I even just do it for FUN...

This is the original LP sleeve design from 1979

Stanley Turrentine

New Time Shuffle (Redesign)

In 1979 Blue Note released an album of works by Stanley Turrentine that was originally recorded in the mid 60s. I've never been a fan of these covers in  LT series releases and have always preferred the iconic style of Reid Miles from the 50s and 60s. So, here I have redesigned the cover in the style of and inspired by the wonderful graphic designer Reid Miles. 

Project: RX

Debut Album

This work for the band Project:RX was really a self-brief. As I am part of this progressive rock duet. The objective here was to produce an LP cover for a very special limited run of 2 LPs. One being a gift for the other member of the band. I created a new logo especially for the sleeve and also a back cover with track listings and credits. 

Georgia Omarah

take my hand

Georgia Omarah is a highly regarded Singer/Song Writer in the South West of England. Having had the opportunity to collaborate with her musically, I was also employed to create and design her CD packaging and art work. My photography was also used for the front cover image. 


Social Media Promo

 In fairness this isn't really an album cover. The point here was to create an image that could be used on social media to promote the band BayBop. It was fun giving creating something with a 70s/80s retro feel and a bit of wear and tear as if it's an LP in an old record shop. 


Tunes with Spice

This was a fun little cover to do. And it was literally that. Just a fun project, emulating and being inspired by one of my favourite designers, Reid Miles. Also, I happen to be the drummer in the band.

Lady GaGa

Adobe Competition Entry

This was my entry for a Lady Gaga album cover competition by Adobe. Unfortunately, I didn't win! But I did enjoy the process and I really like what I came up with. 


Jazz Tone Selection


These are a few of the designs I will be releasing as a pack of 6X6 postcards. Jazz Tone is a label I created just for the use of designing this jazz inspired LP covers that have the look of a real mid to late 1940s design style. 

Sizzlin' JV


This is a special one. I was asked to do some work for the South Devon Big Band as they were honoring a fellow member with a Hall of Fame and tribute. As part of this work I created a Blue Note style cover as I was told John was a fan. I thought it would be fun to see what his own LP cover would look like. This was used as part of a design for a yearly award created in his name. Unfortunately, JV passed away. But before that his friends and fellow big band members got to present him with the Hall of Fame and this cover in the Jon Vinton Award. 

JV album cover_edited.png
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